How to Get the SysInfo32 File

What is it?

If you are using our support feature, your agent must’ve asked you for this file. What this file does is simply gathering information about your specs (OS, software, and hardware) and putting them in a nice format that is easy to read. Why do we ask for this? Many times the problem isn’t related to the application, but to the machine running it. This will help clear any confusions and will make troubleshooting much easier!


How do I get it?

In order to get this file, follow the steps below!

1). Open up the start menu (Press the “Windows” key)






2). Type in “run” and click on the first result.

3). When Run opens up type in “msinfo32″and press the “Enter” key.

4). When prompted with the “System Information” window, please go to “File>>Export”.

5). When the “Export As” dialog box opens, select a suitable location such as “Desktop”, name it “SysInfo32” (case-sensitive) and click on “Save”.

6). Send the file you have exported (I.E. SysInfo32.txt) to your agent for further assistance!


Thanks for referring to our Knowledgebase for information!
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